Daniel Boland Ph. D.




Daniel Boland Ph. D.


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Le’chayim, To Life


Go Figure . . .


The Privilege Of Friendship


An Elder’s View Of Our Journey


Getting It


A Few Lessons Learned




Say Again ! How Many Stars ?


The Woman Who Shared My Life


Courage Of Our Convictions


Keeping The Faith


Conditioning The Mind Of The Nation


A Surfeit Of Victims


The Child Amongst Us


Personal Reflections About
Indulgence And Its Benefactors


What’s Your Worldview ?


Reflections On Freedom


A Tribute To Nancy: In God’s Good Time


I Jes’ Wanna Be Loved . . .


What I’ve Learned


To Be An Adult: Two Views


What Do You Think ?


An Elder Ponders What Shall Not Perish


A Look At Mystery


Is Truth Old-Fashioned ?




Memories Of Father


The Incomplete Life


A Small, Resounding Moment


It’s A Wonder-Filled Life


So . . . Where Are We Headed Now ?


What Scares You ?


Willy And The Little Ones: Reminders Of Gratitude


Two Walls And A Friend


How Long Can We Wait ?


An Elder’s Ode To Mystery


An Elder Ponders Dobbs


Oddments Of Elderhood


Toxic Masculinity: An Elder Ponders


To Madeline - With My Thanks


Why I Am A Catholic: A Brief Reflection


Roe v Children


Dearest Nancy Remembered


What Have We Learned ?


It Can Happen Here


Which Way Shall We Go


You’re A Poet, But You Don’t Know It...


To  Touch  The  Face  Of  God




Dreaming  Of  Reality


Losing  Joe:   A  Personal  Tribute


Christmas With The Young and Arrested


Are  We  Listening To  History ?


America At Risk: Where Shall We Find Truth


We  Always  Have Time


When  Good  Intentions  Fade,
What  Then ??


-  Part One  -
Systemic  Racism?  A  Statement  For  My  America


The Great Unmasking


A  Personal  View:  Where  Has  My  America  Gone ?


Beyond Suffering


Nancy:  The  Simple  Dignity  Of  Loving


An  Easter  Reminder


In  Regard  To  Our  Pets


America  At  Risk


Asking  The  Unanswered




At  War  With  Ourselves:
Before  Covid  And  Beyond


I Speak For The Child … And For Her Mother
An Elder’s Personal Reflection


I  Speak  For  The  Child
Part  Two


I  Speak  For  The  Child
Part  One  Of  Two


How  Shall  We  Love  Our  Children ?


An Elder Ponders Beauty


Our Deepest Need


America  In  Search  Of  It’s  Self


Another  Man  Died  For  Me: In  Praise  Of  America


Prejudice, Violence And Our Precarious Future


Reflections  On  America  In  Moral  Disarray: Beyond  Angry  Rhetoric


Some  Musings  On Riotous  Disarray  And  Human  Nature


Honoring  Truth,  Wisdom’s  Price


Remembrance:  Loving   Nancy


An  Easter  Reminder


Reflections On That Nasty Bug


No  One  Tells  Me  What  To  Do  !!


Choosing  Legacy:  For  WhatShall  I  Be  Remembered


Mystery And Wisdom: Life’s Abiding Realities


Denial And Its Corollaries: America’s  Flourishing  Addiction




The Promptings Of Love


Sentio, Ergo Sum: Maturity’s Elusive Path


Our Human Bonds: The Man By The Side The Road


An  Elder’s  Concern  For  Culture  Corrupted


Reflections On The Death Of A Friend


The Right To Choose ….. What?


Through  Decades  Past


Beyond Cliché … A Man For All Seasons


Nancy:  Goodness  Remembered


Belief And Its Contrarians: Walking Out Of Darkness


The Green  New  Deal:  Myths  and  Migraines


Aging Is Not For The Faint-Hearted


To  Love  Our  Children




My Father’s Blessed Shadow


For  The  Sake  Of  Our  Children



Christmas And Family


Starstuff: May Wonder Never Cease …


Knowing Beyond Knowledge:


Greater  Love  Than  This


On The Border


Is Performance Rage Working?


Beneath The Label:


Beyond The Kavanaugh Event:


Warsaw  and  Auschwitz:


The  Gift  Of   Mothers


Yes, Evil Is Still Around


Failed  Leaders


Unavoidable  Facts


How My Garden Does Grow


The Man and His Son


In  Search  of  Happiness


Do  I  Have  Humility?


Beyond Loss:


In Sickness and In Health:


The Language Of The Soul


Faith: The Promise And The Price


Kids Who Kill:


The Beguiling Illusion of Empowerment


I’m Spiritual But Not Religious


The Lesser Angels Of Our Nature


An Elder Ponders The Question:


Beyond Doubting:


Freedom From Religion:


Contemplating the Number 321,384



An Elder’s Christmas Reverie

On Loneliness and Loving


An Elder’s Grateful Meditation On His Wife’s Birthday


Christmas Memories With The Young and Arrested


An Elder Looks At Feeling Good


An Elder’s Cautionary


An Elder's Alarm


An Elder’s Lament:


An Elder’s Take:


An Elder’s Belief


An Elder’s Voice: Part Two


An Elder’s Voice: Part One


Doing Good Is Costly… But Free…




I Can’t Help But Wonder…


Morals, Anyone . . .


Thou Shalt Indeed Make Judgments


Why  Write?