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28 June 2020

Reflections  On  America  In  Moral  Disarray:
Beyond  Angry  Rhetoric

Violence and destruction continue … but something has changed since the initial demonstrations against police. Today’s violence goes far beyond the initial calls for racial justice.

So, we must ask:  What are the real goals of militants such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa? What do these so-called “social justice warriors” really want?

The evidence of their own words and actions gives us the answer:  they seek the destruction of America.

As unlikely as this may sound to doubters, the agenda of militant anti-American Socialists emerges in their threats and their ready violence, as many city leaders stay idle and mute.

Socialism’s godless agenda is active in our midst, its Marxist roots violently intact and spreading by any means necessary. Its morally-vacant disciples are heavily funded. Its rhetoric is equipped with deceptive word-games which appeal to the unwary and seduce the uninformed.

Let’s be clear:  these militants seek the overthrow of the rule of law and moral stability. They are clever in their deceptive manipulation of human tragedy, and not without some success.

The  Moral  Truth  About  Socialism

Many “woke” Americans haven’t an inkling about Socialism’s true goals, about its ruthless skill in adapting to cultural vulnerabilities or its malicious exploitation of events and people.

To a worrisome degree, Socialist sloganeering captivates many persons in this country – as it has around the world in ways disastrous to people and to nations.

Despite its promises and its chameleon-like facades, Socialism is a deadly societal and spiritual disease. I witnessed first-hand the dreadful price which Socialism inflicts on human beings and entire countries. I saw for myself the awful human cost … and it is devastating.

In 1989 I presented a professional paper in Communist Poland (which was then a Marxist Socialist country). After the conference in Warsaw, I traveled on my own (without the usual Communist escort) for several weeks, seeing for myself the stunning physical and moral wreckage which Socialist policies inflict on people and property, on hearts and minds, on tradition and freedom.

I spoke with many Polish citizens who explained the dreadful extent to which Socialism controlled every aspect of their lives (including, as absurd as this sounds, the distribution of toilet paper, for which people stood in line for several city blocks).

The Socialist mindset is tenaciously dedicated only to hierarchical power. Its advocates will say and do anything without reserve to secure control, because Socialism is atheistic to its core. It has no moral center or concern for the rights of any person. Its inhumane philosophy is the inspiration behind much of today’s self-righteous violence, and has been the spur to the murder of millions of persons.

Those who contend that Marxist Socialism is a remnant of the past are woefully in error. Marxist theory and practice are alive and well throughout the world -- and, now, also in America.

It should be of grave concern to Americans that Socialism’s influence infests our country through its contradictory tenets of political correctness, judgmental intolerance and rejection of Reason in politics, media, education and religion.

Many Americans are naively drawn to Socialism’s benign-sounding, share-the-wealth rhetoric, its promises of rosy economics and debt relief, its energetic dislike of millionaires and billionaires, and the cornucopia of free stuff it promises to ladle out to all takers (but at whose expense, one must ask?).

Listen carefully, and you will hear Socialism praised by Americans whose knowledge of historical facts and insight into human nature can only be deemed (at best) immature and dangerously shallow.

Therefore, let us beware; be very aware. Socialist rhetoric is utterly duplicitous rhetoric, shrewdly adapted to needs and wants of every society in which it detects moral weariness among people and finds cultural wounds and political opportunities.

Socialism’s  De-Humanizing  Impact 

Truth be told, Socialism inflicts depressing brutality upon the human soul and psyche. With power in the hands of a cadre of loyalists, Socialism nullifies private ownership of property and businesses. Self-regulation is taken from the people, not given to the people. The freedoms we know in America disappear.

Socialism stifles creativity and punishes the entrepreneurial spirit. Its nihilistic view of human nature represses whole populations.

It imposes desperation and economic ruin on entire nations (Venezuela’s inflation rate reached one million percent). Its de-humanizing principles turn people into wards of the state.

Ruthless uniformity and, at times, state-sanctioned violence, are part of Socialism’s formula for the conquest of people.

All of this is, of course, utterly antithetical to our Western way of life and, at an even deeper level, to our traditional Christian beliefs in free will and in the decency of government which is of the people, by the people and for the people.

America’s  Christian  Ethos

Our American heritage rests on our Declaration of Independence, on our Constitution with its Bill of Rights, and on the rule of law. But even more fundamentally, since our founding as a nation, our American character has been profoundly influenced by Christian principles of right-and-wrong, of responsibilities before rights, of equal justice and the moral means by which justice is pursued and sustained.

Despite the glaring imperfections to which we are heir, America has -- more than any society in history -- maintained adherence to the rule of law as an essential tenet of its existence.

No philosophy or political theory, no party or person, has had the irreplaceable role which America’s Christian origins have played in defining our heritage, our cultural ethos, our regard for legitimate authority and the rule of law, and our moral identity as individual persons and as a nation.

America can be understood only in terms of our relationship to our Christian traditions. But these traditions are in grave jeopardy in many parts of our Republic  -- in politics and education, in law and medicine, in business and religion, and in the breakdown of marriage and family life.

The  Naivete  Of  Good Intentions

Many well-meaning people have been swayed by passionate groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). It’s a great slogan, but the reality is that BLM proclaims a Socialist/Marxist program with an agenda which is deadly to America’s political, moral, economic and cultural future.

In fact, many well-meaning advocates of “civil rights” do not realize that groups such as BLM and Antifa work for the Socialist ideal of eradicating America and its Christian origins.

Think not? Then look behind the convenient façade of “racism,” and see for yourself what their goals really are. Here’s a few:

  • End traditional man-woman marriage and family;
  • Eliminate police, close prisons;
  • Spread wealth by heavier taxes on all earners, not just millionaires and billionaires;
  • Total government control of health care and other professions, such as public education, with the elimination of private schools;
  • Open America’s borders to all comers and eliminate immigration policies to eventually erase American identity;
  • Tear down statues of white people including images of Washington, Jesus Christ and His “white” mother, and erase religious freedom;
  • Burn the American flag, emblem of white colonialism;
  • Smash stained-glass windows in Christian (i.e., white) churches;
  • Promote gay and transgender agendas and punish resisters;
  • Get rid of man-woman sexual dualism and deny biology;
  • On and on … the Socialist litany goes absurdly on.

If you doubt, read the commentaries of Dr. Carol Swain on her website:

If you doubt, go to the following link to read the Socialist/Marxist declarations of the BLM founders:

or go here:

or here:

or here:

The  Collusion  Of  Politicians

Mayors and governors take oaths - solemn promises to God and their constituents - to uphold the duties of their office, the first of which is public safety. Yet violence to public spaces and private businesses escalates. Indeed, people die … only because elected officials allow, and even support it.

Many elected officials in major cities abandon their oath of office for perverse forms of “diversity” and “inclusion.” They banish individual rights for lawless “equality” masquerading as empathy. One governor even said that “love” motivates mobs to tear down historic monuments. The mayor of Seattle termed the violent occupation of her city a “summer of love.”

A prime example of abnegation of duty by public officials is the “sanctuary city” policy. This idea originated in Berkeley for conscientious objectors during the Vietnam Era. Today, five decades later, it is used by public officials in several States to announce their intention not to enforce the law of the land.

In a gesture of counterfeit humanitarianism, these political leaders assist illegal aliens (a term offensive to adherents) to violate just laws. In so doing, they jeopardize the safety of citizens’ lives.

When any public official openly refuses to honor his/her oath of office and rejects his obligation to enforce just laws, s/he encourages disdain for all legitimate authority and abets anarchy.

When a just law is ignored by officials elected to enforce it, chaos will ensue --- as we now see in our streets.

Disdain   For  The  Rule  Of  Law

Elected officials do not act alone. They’re joined by many educators, by “woke” celebrities, by media ideologues and by religious figureheads who speak of law and order as products of “white supremacy,” adding that America has always been an evil country from its founding.

Today’s violence is funded by countless corporations and abetted by business leaders, many of whom have no idea what policies or practices they are actually funding.

Americans give the benefit of a doubt when we can, so it is fair to say that the motives of these corporate contributors may be pure … but they are badly in need of facts – unless they wish our nation to be torn apart.

The cumulative impact of all this well-meaning but uninformed support of Socialist goals results in America breaking itself into two opposing entities. America morphs into a nation where an aggravated “feeling” or a perceived slight or a tinge of “hate speech” becomes a violation of someone’s “civil rights.” Any petty claim or bruised ego rouses the ire of “social justice” warriors who voice reckless accusations of racism and sexism and countless other “isms” which litter our culture and divide us.

Passion, not Reason, is used as justification for spouting mindless charges of “white supremacy” and a slew of inane “phobias.” But it must be obvious that the triumph of “feelings” over Reason and over the rule of law is puerile behavior which tries mightily to justify moral and psychological violence. It is irrational – but it’s also commonplace.

The  Rejection  of  Science

What’s worse is the rejection of scientific facts. Many people accept a panoply of created “genders” titles over the basics of human biology. Man or women? It’s irrelevant; pick your own “gender” from any of fifty sub-categories.

But worst of all, our culture no longer reveres the moral innocence and emotional dependence of our young. There are many who support the insane idea that children have a ”right” to transsexual surgery -- children, whose innocence we should shepherd with our very lives.

When the protection of our children’s innocence no longer rouses our deepest moral concern, we may be sure that America is changing in the most worrisome manner. If we do not resolutely give them moral guidance and mature example, the future is bleak indeed.

The  Hard  Lessons

What does all this tell us?

As legal “freedom” expands, many Americans reveal an inability to manage the moral freedom essential to cultural stability and personal accountability. The erosion of Right Reason, moral values, intellectual maturity and virtues such as self-restraint has become a plague upon our land.

The rise of radical secularism, moral relativism and Socialist atheism, all of which employ politically correct dicta, is a direct threat to the innate influence and stabilizing power of traditional Christianity which has been at the core of American identity.

This is not mere opinion. It is historical fact.

Moral concerns and religious freedom have always been at the forefront of our nation’s priorities since the earliest days of our founding. But solid research tells us that today moral relativism reigns and religious vitality ebbs. Regard for law – divine as well as civil law -- is clearly on the decline, as is our national reverence for shared values.

Hopeful  Resources

Faith and Right Reason, history and tradition, a well-formed conscience, fidelity to our Constitution and a host of moral exemplars whose prayerful humility and steely courage have gone before us – these positive factors in our American story are available to all of us during our present conflict.

Without these, we are a people adrift.

With these safeguards guiding us, we are a nation of great stamina and historic worth; a nation fully capable of legal and moral self-correction, able to sustain our American exceptionalism as history’s enduring example of the better angels of human nature.

Let us not forget that today’s violence and those who feed it do not work for America’s perennial goal of one nation under God. Rather, they further the erosion of our national identity.

We cannot long tolerate the ongoing destruction of our moral and cultural cohesion. We must again be neighbors at peace with one another; neighbors who respect the necessary restrictions and beneficial boundaries of moral freedom which underpins our rule of law.

We must again seek to be neighbors who can trust one another and embrace moral restraints … because the content of our character demands nothing less of us.

To these ideals are we called, each and all. Let us pray God we may make it so.