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10 July 2024


DEI: The Progressive Agenda

By now, we have all experienced various forms of DEI and encountered various inanities of its ineptly-named Woke adherents. “But” you may ask, what is DEI?” So, let me clarify.

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. DEI is a school of “Progressive” thought which condemns America as an oppressive, sexist, systemically racist, enslaving nation of abusive, white, male elitist capitalists. DEI is an organized program intended to destroy America and the ideals which have, until recent years, guided us (even with our historic flaws) toward becoming a truly moral society, as our Founders envisioned.

DEI contends that Americans elites maintain power through manipulative strategies which State, Church and Capitalism have devised since our Founding. DEI’s Woke/Progressive adherents have tasked themselves to identify our nation’s errant sensibilities and eradicate American life – even if violence is necessary. Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter are examples of DEI’s deceptive militancy.

DEI’s rhetoric sounds idealistic and humane … on the surface. But when we examine DEI’s claims and the behavior it inspires, we recognize (or should) that DEI promotes a form of atheistic humanism. It assaults (1) our Judeo-Christian, Constitutionally defined, Commandments-based nation and (2) has contempt for those who defend our American heritage and who honor the mandates of responsible democracy.

The DEI Agenda

DEI seizes upon America’s faults, while ignoring our nation’s historic attempts to remedy the universal mistakes to which human nature itself is prone. Even the civic virtue of true patriotism (not extremist nationalism) and the Bill of Rights are anathema to DEI.

DEI’s destructive agenda is extensive:

  • DEI denies the existence of objective moral truths and the mandates of self-restraint which belief in God affirms;

  • DEI denies that only two sexes exist. Male and female are replaced by diverse, self-declared “gender(s);”

  • DEI promulgates a plethora of genderized pronouns. Even Shakespeare (in his own Globe Theatre) is assaulted; A Woke Globe ~ The Imaginative Conservative

  • Traditional laws are racist, guilty of minority abuse;

  • The traditional two-parent family is obsolete;

  • Marriage between males and females is obsolete;

  • Parental rights about raising children are obsolete;

  • Transgenderism is a “right” youngsters possess; schools and teachers should not inform parents;

  • Sciences (biology, genetics, medicine, et alii) serve only DEI’s fact-fracturing agendas;

  • Our national borders vanish with the influx millions of illegal aliens seeking Inclusion, including criminals and terrorists;

  • Even the lives of babies born and unborn are not sacred.

  • On and on it goes.

Frightening Realities

DEI says we can ignore Nature’s limits (Self-Creation Only Dehumanizes Us | Joel Looper | First Things). Accountability and self-restraint are tools of elitist oppression.

DEI celebrates God-less individualism which eclipses the Common Good. It protects lawbreakers rather than victims. It distorts history, corrupts science, medicine, biology, psychology, education, genetics, education at all levels. It taints some religions.

DEI eschews centuries of cultural tradition, learning and religious experience, history, legislation and Common Sense – replaced by radical, unrestrained individualism. Rash, reckless individual urges become the norms of behavior.

DEI nurtures grandiose naivete and self-assured arrogance even in the face of contradictory evidence and long-established customs. For example, it invokes non-existent “rights” which allows naked men to use women’s locker rooms. It destroys moral traditions such as marriage and family, the crucial role of parents in the lives of children, and the place of religious belief in American life.

DEI has devastating effect on Federal and State governance The new White House Associate Communications Director is an antisemitic sexual fetishist - American Thinker. Furthermore, Woke doctrines in our Armed Forces polarize, rather than unify, military readiness. DEI also corrodes some large corporations (at costs estimated to be over $8 billion annually).

DEI even allows schools to support our youngest children who seek transgendered identity without notifying parents. Schools become enablers in childhood folly. Not surprisingly, California leads the way: Parent Secrecy Bill Passes CA Assembly Amid Heated Debate - California Family Council

DEI And “Gender Affirming Care”

“Gender affirming care” is a deeply disturbing example of the moral malaise and massive irrationality of transgenderism which now grips much of America, including the medical profession. Various medical resources agree: Doctors Protecting Children

What is “gender affirming care?” Here are examples of the horrors which “gender affirming care” propagates.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) envisions itself as the authority on “gender medicine” which seeks to assist men becoming women, women becoming men and other perverse oddities. WPATH promotes “standards of care” for doctors whose patients (ofttimes impressionable children) are troubled by “gender dysphoria.” BUT … critics recently exposed WPATH’s “standards” of “gender affirming care” as unscientific and unethical.

WPATH’S “standards” encourage “harmful, experimental, unnecessary, and often-irreversible medical interventions on confused children and adults.” In fact, “gender affirming care” exerts medical and moral carnage throughout America.

Evidence reveals that WPATH’s “standards” are strewn with scientific and moral deficiencies (e.g., mutilation of children). Nonetheless, the organization persists in advocating life-altering procedures even for vulnerable pre-teens and gullible parents (yes, parents - who should be every child’s first protector).

Dr. Stephen Levine resigned WPATH with the “regretful conclusion that WPATH and its recommendations had become dominated by politics and ideology, rather than by scientific process...”

In addition, hundreds of scientists and mental health professionals have published statements indicting WPATH and the “gender” movement: Beyond WPATH | WPATH has discredited itself - Read and Sign the WPATH Declaration

Leaked Files Reveal Ethical Concerns, Pseudoscience in WPATH Standards of Care

Mark Alexander: Gender Disorientation — A Faithful Response to the 'LGBT?' Agenda | The Patriot Post

First, Do No Harm . . .

Despite the evidence, “gender affirming care” is far more prevalent among medical personnel than we would think. Read this essay: The Murky Business of Transgender Medicine | City Journal (

Numerous studies (especially this one: Psychologist Dr. James Cantor Details Harms of ‘Transitioning’ Kids | Alliance Defending Freedom ( emphasize that children and adolescents who are referred to “gender” clinics have high rates of other pre-existing psychological conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, autism, dissociative identity disorder, etc.).

Dr. James O. Breen (Untitled - Crisis Magazine) writes about the unprofessional way many medical personnel have accepted “gender-affirming care” for minors with “gender dysphoria.” He asks, “…how the medical establishment allowed gender ideology to transition them from trusted Hippocratic professionals to self-interested political activists.”

Dr. Breen is one of many, including the Catholic Medical Association who urge care for these children and adolescents based on existing medical and scientific inquiry, not ideology.

Dr. Breen states that “…the editors of prominent journals—including JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine—stifle viewpoints that deviate from the “gender-affirming” positions they espouse in their pages…”


Dr. Breen indicts the use of “…social transitioning, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender reassignment surgery—based on poor-quality observational studies and expert opinion.” And he adds that these procedures are dangerously contradictory to the high degree of scientific rigor commonly sought before any medical treatment guidelines are promulgated.

“Gender affirming care” (especially for children) risks life-long, irreversible surgical and hormonal outcomes. Evidence indicates that “gender dysphoria” is not based on science but on political ideology within the medical profession. Dr. Breen says, “Nakedly partisan activist organizations have commandeered the leadership of leading professional medical associations to further a political and social agenda, making for awkward and unsavory bedfellows.”

How such duplicity can be furthered by educated adults remains a mystery. We know -- from Scripture, true science, history, moral standards, Common Sense and obvious facts of life -- that boys do not become girls nor vice versa. But “gender” advocates discard the notion of “boys” and “girls” for limitless sexual self-identities. Such belief is truly indefensible. 

Inescapable Moral Considerations

Dr. Breen further points out that gender ideologues’ denial of age-old moral truths emphasizes the fact that physicians function within a moral framework as well as a scientific one. Physicians are always in the position of deciding what is in the best interest of the patient and are, therefore, always in a moral context. 

This divinely-mandated responsibility for the well-being of patients endows the medical establishment with grave moral accountability for how it treats other human beings.

BUT . . . whose sense of morality prevails? Despite the evidence, some “gender affirming” physicians still believe children are well-served by lifelong medication, need for endless “hormones, laboratory surveillance, cosmetic surgeries (mutilation), and wardrobe accoutrements to maintain the façade of gender fluidity.”

Dr. Breen nails it when he says:

“In their urgency to promote radical and irreversible interventions on afflicted children and adolescents, gender experts have asserted ex facto that their compassionate motives override the need for conclusive scientific evidence to support their assertions. By prioritizing the sympathetic affirmation of transgender activists over the lack of a scientific basis for their position, the AAP, AMA, and others have effectively declared their moral imperative is of greater import than empiric evidence.”

As a result, we are compelled to ask:

  • When does compassion override truth?

  • Does ideology validate rejection of scientific facts?

  • Do caring motives justify betrayal of trust?

  • Are sufferers of “gender dysphoria” better served by physicians who are more concerned about “helping” than about the lifetime cost to the patient?

  • Is irreversible medical treatment appropriate for “gender” issues which (in most cases) are psychological and transitory in nature, better suited to counseling than surgery?

  • Can the objective moral order be subordinate to a physician’s subjective opinion which is contradicted by facts?

Good Motives, Bad Judgment

Finally, Dr. Breen makes a powerful statement when he wonders how our society and our medical professionals have “…become so poisonous that it allowed for the implantation of a rampant, self-destructive impulse into our youth.” This is especially concerning when we realize that additional evidence strongly indicates that:

  1. Psychological-emotional problems most often pre-exist before “gender dysphoria” becomes an issue, and

  2. Most cases of “gender dysphoria” resolve themselves with the passage of time. In many (if not most) cases, kids seeking their “transgendered self” are going through another growing phase.

So, given abundant evidence and the gift of Common Sense, one cannot but realize:

  1. How dangerously vulnerable human nature is to a variety of miscues over our lifetimes;

  2. How stubbornly resistant we can be to truths and facts which do not fit our personal worldview or our ego’s need for approval;

  3. How easily we slip into arrogant denial;

  4. How our self-righteousness harms others;

  5. How “feelings” must always be evaluated by true morality and solid history;

  6. How essential are the Virtues of Humility, Responsibility and Accountability in everyday life;

  7. How precious are Christian Truth and Virtue which our nation has always revered.

  8. These facts…. for starters…