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17 October 2018

Is Performance Rage Working?

Demonstrators screech at legislators in restaurants, on the streets, in their offices. Fits of venomous vulgarity, frothy rage and florid irrationality are standard ploys for upset Progressives on the warpath … and combative events increase in frequency and intensity.

Some observers say the underlying reason for these escalating forays is simply the overflow of Leftist political enthusiasms. Folks gotta rant and rave and attack others and scream filthy words at strangers … and destroy reputations and shred the credibility of a worthy lifetime. But, hey, its only politics.

Politics?  Really?

To say these displays of hostility are merely politics is, at best, simplistic. People who propose such nonsense evade the fact that a rightly-formed moral conscience must always guide human behavior in every interaction and every enterprise.

An objective standard of right and wrong exists. Fury and foot-stomping do not excuse anyone from the moral bonds and laws of mutual humanity.

Just politics? Ridiculous…..

Our  Authentic  Foundation

Our moral identity -- our rights and responsibilities -- arises from universal laws and obligations implanted in human nature. These laws and mutual responsibilities do indeed come from God. All law reflects divine law.

These moral laws bind us all, even Republicans … and Independents … and Libertarians and, yes, even Left Progressive Democrats are subject to these laws.

But (here’s the catch) we also have free will. We choose to obey these laws or we choose to ignore them. Fidelity to law is a choice we accept or refuse.

Politics  Of  Excess

The sturm-und-drang of the Left’s behavior are fed by self-righteous prods from “leaders” such as Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and Eric Holder. Too, Mr. Obama downplays American exceptionalism, while Gov. Cuomo assures us that “…America was never that great...”

The Democrat mayor of Portland, Oregon orders police to stand down whilst Antifa thugs rampage and attack citizens. The Democrat mayor of Minneapolis compels police to protect the “rights” of illegal aliens. Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco: America’s largest Democrat-led cities are bankrupt, and often, very dangerous places.

We even witness the recent spate of repulsive racial insults against Kayne West by a plethora of black Leftists because of his visit with the President.

Admittedly-hostile Leftists over-populate media and education. The entertainment world abounds with cynically caustic celebrities … and the omnipresent umbra of Soros-funded anti-American agencies hovers.

For more details, read this excellent summary by Historian Victor Davis Hanson:

The preponderance of evidence attests that disdain for American traditions is now the Left’s defining rationale, befitting their extreme agendas which threaten our national strength and stability, our moral common sense and our Constitutional identity.

Beyond  Politics

Author George Neumayr proposes that today’s corrupted version of classical liberalism -- Leftist Progressivism -- is an intrinsically uncivil ideology. As one reviews the history of America since the 1960s, it becomes clear that radical individualism and reckless relativism are now the Left’s rootless norms in their attempts to re-define human nature itself.

Consider:  The Democrat Party has long supported the basics of toxic socialism, expanded government, tax increases, massive welfare programs -- and much more. Their agenda constitutes the assured doorway to economic and moral collapse, as history affirms time after time.

Moreover, the Left’s push for open borders, sanctuary cities, wage increases beyond small business limits, and citizen rights for undocumented foreigners abet the ongoing breakdown of law and common sense in all areas of American life.

Yet, despite decades of evidence, the Progressive Left still advances in America, spurred by the deceptive mantras of political correctness and the inevitable cultural nihilism and hopelessness which result.

Progressives accuse opponents of opposing “inclusion,” of denying rights to minorities, of indiscriminate “hate speech,” of racism and sexism and victimization of women, of “judgmentalism,” of a lack of “diversity,” of being capitalist profiteers who oppress the poor, and a list of other dishonest labels which distort reality and besmirch opponents as part of a strategy of polarization.

Distortions  Of  The  Left

Classic liberalism (which is not the same as today’s radicalized Progressive Left) believed in individual freedom, the right to reasoned self-governance under law, the rejection of tyranny and restraint of government intrusion. But classic liberalism was defenestrated by the Democrat Party decades ago.

Instead, Democrats have become the center of secular Progressivism. They now promote the politics of identity politics and moral relativism. In the process, the Left has re-defined human nature not as possessing rights-and-liberty-under-law but, contrarily, as having unrestricted license to do as one pleases.

This extreme self-centered permissiveness promotes unfettered expressions of singular urges-as-rights and the banishment of self-restraint. It matters not how perverse and unnatural these “rights” may sometimes be.

For example, the urge to declare myself any sexual orientation I choose, and the decision to encourage children into the same dreadful pathology take precedent over all other factors.

Dismiss long-revered moral and cultural traditions Dismiss biological facts. Dismiss religious beliefs, social mores and parental prerogatives.

These are of no account. They do not matter.

To the Progressive Left, people are not inherently linked to the common good, nor bound by Nature’s limits, but are responsible only to the special interest group they serve. Moral values and community rules are entirely relative and, often irrelevant.

To the moral relativist, human rights are not based on divinely-revealed, objective principles of mutual accountability and self-restraint. Rather, a subjective, “Me First” standard of moral and social “discernment” informs and inspires remarkably selfish choices. If I think it is OK, then it is OK -- even if it hurts you! 

And, as we have witnessed recently, the Left’s ideological credo legitimizes the politics of personal destruction, defamation of character and, indeed, any tactic befitting its agenda.

Relativism’s  Dead  End

Our culture now sees the practical outcomes of this thinking. Democrat policies result

  • in millions of aborted children,
  • in the destruction of traditional marriage and the collapse of family cohesion,
  • in self-gendering rejections of Nature,
  • in surgical mutilation of pre-teens,
  • in endless urban violence,
  • in open borders and reckless “inclusion” of illegals,
  • in the fracture of communities,
  • in suicide-on-demand even for children as young as ten (without parental knowledge),
  • in the growth of violent gangs,
  • in the eradication of America’s deepest traditions, among them freedom of speech…
  • all these, and more, for starters.

Chaos  vs  Accountability

The objective moral order is crucial for the survival of our Western moral and cultural traditions and Constitutional restraints on government.

Without the moral laws of our Judeo-Christian tradition, accountability vanishes. Chaos and violence follow – especially when leaders refuse to advise restraint and, instead, smile on incivility.

What benefit to the common good comes from arrogant “celebrities” such as the injudiciously-named Madonna, when she speaks of blowing up the White House; from the incredibly foul-mouthed excesses of Robert DeNiro; from the once-amusing Jim Carrey, who embarrasses with his over-the-top, childishly savage comments.

We cannot continue to watch Conservative speakers be hounded and assaulted on university campuses or our Representatives chased from restaurants, pursued into the streets, harassed in their homes. We cannot support Leftist historians who persuade our children that America is the world’s worst oppressor. We are gravely remiss to allow librarians to hold pro-GLBTQ assemblies for our youngest children … led by adult “drag queens.”

It does not take a Conservative to recognize the threats which now blanket our country.

It does not take a Conservative to recognize the pressing need to preserve and protect America’s political, cultural, religious and family traditions.

The  Right  As  Villain

The Left requires villains for its veneer of legitimacy. Its agenda is as much focused on fighting progress as achieving it. Yet the Left maintains the misconception that it is the stalwart defender of all minorities, no matter how calculated, bizarre or baseless the cause may actually be.

But wait!!!   

Now comes Donald Trump, the epitome of villainous, ill-gotten wealth. He is The Ideal Target: a callous, rough-and-rude, blowhard capitalistic sexist who uses women as objects; he, who manipulates as needed, tells lies and tweets nastily about his competition. Mirabile dictu!! He is a real Deplorable -- yes, he is – and a timely one at that!! A homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic Deplorable, deserving of impeachment as soon as power passes to the Left. Oh… and he hates non-citizens and persons of color, any color. So, indisputably, he is a racist, too, and a fascist dog … and like that. Right?

And, as Mrs. Clinton states, such people can’t be treated with civility … unless Progressives have power. No civility without power. So says the Democrat leader who indicts millions of our citizens as Deplorables and right-winging conspirators; she, who still finds no abuse of power in her husband’s squalid Oval Office escapades.

She, almost our President ….. 

….. and so it goes….. and so it goes.

Am  I  Wrong?

Our society becomes less safe as years pass, not only from foreign terrorists but, worse, from those elected officials who speed the erosion of law and order in the name of self-destructive Leftism and Progressive moral decay.

Surely, there are -- there must be -- civil and truthful ways to speak and act with other human beings.  

Aren’t there?

It really does matter that we talk to one another and talk about one another truthfully, with civility and courtesy and empathy.

It does matter, doesn’t it?

It really should matter how our elected leaders conduct themselves in private and in public.

Shouldn’t it?

It does matter what tone we set for fairness and justice, for truth and prudence and goodness, and how we raise our children to revere these virtues.

All this does truly matter ………………….

Doesn’t it?

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