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29 July 2019

An  Elder’s  Concern  For  Culture  Corrupted

Our culture’s fractious political rhetoric and our crude public discourse give abundant evidence that America is deeply wounded by our blithe dismissal of courtesy and our disdain for truth and civility.

We no longer use language merely to transmit logical ideas, to stimulate reasoned discussion or to clarify a befuddling situation. Words are now “weaponized” to demean and humiliate, to dredge unintended insult out of a casual dialogue, to label people as “haters” or “homophobes” or “hide-bound traditionalists.”

Even the simplest facts are now fraught with accusatory inuendo. Incredibly, law suits result from the use of a politically incorrect word, even from a statement of one’s religious beliefs.

Character assassination, assigning mean-spirited motives to others, verbal exaggeration and falsification, slander and calumny, and deliberate lies overflow from state and church. A credible public figure is hard to find, even in the once-hallowed precincts of political, educational and ecclesial governance.

The aggressive de-construction of our shared language and the malicious re-definition of words have swept America into a national morass of moral polarization, hastening the demise of common sense, respect for legal precedent -- and sanity.

What’s  Happened?

Underlying all of this in our culture are many concerning developments. Let us look at two: 1) the ascendance of untruth and deception as cultural norms, and 2) the profound distortion and misuse of human freedom; misuse which taints our nation to its roots.

First of all, it is almost trite to say that truth and facts have become expendable. Our culture plays a fast-and-loose game with words and meanings. Even foundational words such as “man” and “woman,” “husband” and “wife,” are now banned by countless agencies, lest someone’s new-found sensibilities be hurt. Centuries-old traditions and their sacred origins are dismissed … because someone’s feelings might be hurt?

Let the impact of that statement sink in for a moment.

The realities of male and female are now splintered into countless incoherent terms and jingoistic categories, including ominously-befogged references to cis-gender, skolio-sexuality and dozens of linguistically-excruciating sub-categories which obscure life’s simplest facts. Our culture’s present flirtation with gender-over-sex-identity (the idea that a man is really a woman simply if he wishes) leads us into profound moral chaos.

Worst of all is the grisly lie called “reassignment surgery,” the result of which is an ongoing experiment with youth and a suicide rate twenty times higher than average.

Nature’s truths are dismissed with pathological ease. Our culture’s finer traditions are twisted beyond recognition … and for what …? 

The  Dismissal  Of  True  Culture

The root meaning of “culture” is the Latin word “cultus,” i.e., a spirit of awe and worship springing from our inherent sense of the sacred and the mystery of life itself.

Culture once meant regard for, and preservation of, the finer, more ennobling traditions and accomplishments of our race. It involved handing down to our children the best of our achievements and beliefs, wrested from error and arrogance throughout our history.

In America, our culture was originally based on our God-given freedom to meet our responsibilities as human beings without outside intrusion or force. This meant freedom to respect human and divine laws, to honor the nation’s ideals, to summon the moral energy to improve our injustices, to afford each person opportunities for economic and personal security.

The history of America’s traditions is actually the story of human nature seeking to achieve justice and goodness as the nation’s motivating norms. It’s all spelled out in the documents which define America’s authentic, historic exceptionalism … despite our past-President’s public denial of our nation’s true greatness and the growing movement to destroy America’s identity and mission from within.

Today, our nation’s traditions are readily trashed, our flag banned, our anthem despised. The sacred bases of true culture are denigrated in the bizarre whirl of America’s suicidal tryst with politically correct nihilism.

We have created a fetid spiritual and psychological wasteland for our children. We hand them lies as our legacy. We create a grimly violent, sexually saturated, humanly distorted, factually dismissive, self-indulgent, abortion-loving, God-denying “pop culture” in which even the sacred lives of our children are irrelevant … and anything – anything – goes.

Freedom  Is  Not  The  Right  To  Corrupt

Second, abuses of true freedom are rampant. True freedom means the unobstructed right to meet my responsibilities without interference. It is not unbounded selfishness to do and say whatever strikes my hormonal fancy.
The most evident - and corrupt - symptoms of distorted freedom are found in the extremes of politically correct madness which tatter the conscience of America.
One sickening example is our betrayal of our children in the face of politically correct pressures which reduce many adults to a state of moral abnegation and legal impotence. For example, attend to the growing tendency for members of the cross-dressing and transgendered communities to hold “readings” and “shows” for our very youngest children in public libraries … with the assistance of librarians. Succinctly put, these “readings” are nothing more than an attempt to awaken and exploit in our youngest children their openness to extreme, reckless sexuality and to normalize human nature at its worst. Is this not obvious to every so-called “adult”?

What’s more, we also witness pre-teen boys, wigged and made up as women, sashaying on stage in dresses, posing seductively before a wildly applauding saloon audience. Patrons throw money at the children, who strut and pout in pathetic imitation of stripper-sexuality. The crowd energetically approves .. and parents applaud.
What sort of person would possibly abet, let alone allow, such sad, sickening, morally wretched scenes as these?

Given these examples of contemptable adult behavior and society’s moral and legal self-paralysis, one cannot but recall the words which warn him who offends the souls of these little ones that it is better a millstone be tied around his neck and he be thrown into the depths of the sea.

Schools  Promoting  Falsehood

But there’s still more. 

We also witness the New York City Department of Education promulgating city-wide guidelines to “Support Transgender and Gender Expansive (Gender Expansive?) Students.”

These guidelines state that New York City schools will now facilitate “formal gender transition” for students, Students – students, i.e., children -- will henceforth tell their teachers what pronouns to use when addressing them. Teachers will be forced to adopt pro-transgender terminology. Male and female sports teams will be forced to accept players according to their “gender identity asserted at school.” Restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms assigned to girls must now be open to boys who “identify” as girls.

Utter madness ….. Moral and psychological madness have fallen upon our nation, and educated adults lead the charge. Adult madness abounds under the false flag of “human rights.”

Thus do we facilitate the death of our culture and perpetuate the validity of lies and the reign of terror which we call political correctness ………
But one must again ask:  To what end?

The  Truth  About  The  Role  Of  Culture

True culture honors the fact that people are endowed with certain unalienable rights and responsibilities, with certain limits in word and action, with expectations of common decency and civic virtue … all of which originate beyond themselves.

Our rights and freedoms are not unlimited. Every human right comes with a corresponding personal responsibility which dictates distinct moral and behavioral limits.

This truth is deliberately and consistently ignored today. Nevertheless, our responsibilities to one another, to God, to ourselves and to our children are grave and binding.

True culture embodies these self-evident truths.

Our rights and responsibilities are granted to us individually by our Creator Who, in turn, deserves our obedience and our adoration. The role of the state is then to guarantee that these God-given rights and responsibilities are both granted and observed.
This was obvious to the founders of our nation who stated clearly that our human rights are God-given, not man-made. Our human rights do not originate with-or-in the state, contrary to what many errant political figures and empty-headed celebrities contend.

Our God-given rights and responsibilities naturally create moral limits, as our Constitution also affirms. Morality determines proper – and improper – ways people treat one another in word and deed. That’s why every human community – family, business, school, military -- is a moral entity.

Our Creator endows each one of us with a moral conscience and an intellect, and the freedom of choice to honor these gifts – gifts freely given to human nature, gifts given to each and all.

Without moral awareness and commonly-upheld limits, culture become chaotic – as we now behold. Even the unsullied eyes and innocent ears and pure minds and forming consciences of children – some as young as two and three – are fair game for deliberate corruption by those who deny their responsibilities to God and humankind.

Indeed, there are people amongst us whose public immorality flourishes behind the maliciously twisted mantra of “human rights.” These people represent the polluted maxims of political correctness at its very worst. Their names are before us daily. Their deeds are too often accepted as the “new normal.”

Human  Nature  Distorted

Once God is denied and the sacred dimensions of human life are banished from public awareness, morality’s crucial role is vanquished in the rush to unrestrained excess. Moral sanity and the clear and present need for virtue are quickly discarded.
The devolution of culture then proceeds like this:

  • When we deny or ignore God, we dismiss morality and deny right from wrong, good from evil.
  • When we dismiss morality, we create a massive void at the heart of human nature and deprive culture of meaning.
  • The void in our hearts yearns to be filled.
  • Without God to reveal the path to us, we appoint ourselves as our own god-like guides and society’s moralists.
  • Every base tendency - no matter how extreme and ugly and illogical - then becomes as valid as the next.
  • The likelihood of error mounts as human folly is unleashed and any urge is allowed.
  • With everyone possessing moral authority, no binding moral authority exists.
  • The result is, as we now see, moral and social chaos which floods the culture and infects us at our core.
  • There are no ethical standards, no morally accountable guidelines, no godly authority, no legal limits, no enforcement of fundamental decency, no mutual responsibilities to anyone other than ourselves.
  • Relativism shreds reality.
  • And we call this Progress ……………………

A  Chilling  Future

Are we not foolish (as individuals and as a nation) to deny that principles of God-given morality must define us and limit us as created beings?

Even an atheist or a confirmed-but-honest skeptic can see the wisdom of belief.

Even the scoffer can recognize the need for standards beyond our errant selves.

Is it not evident that our very existence depends on respect for divine inspiration and human virtue to sustain us as human beings who must live together upon this Earth?

The evidence is darkeningly clear that our nation is alienating itself from reason, logic and facts and faith. We stray dangerously far from the Godly Spirit which decrees virtue over vice, kindness over violence, sacrifice for our children over self-indulgence, truth and humility over the arrogance of the militant, vastly selfish relativist.

For  The  Children

Conserving the best of our heritage means protecting our children’s virtue and guarding their moral legacy. If we – and they -- are to survive in decency and peace, then we must follow the path of true freedom and make the proper choices. We must base our lives and decisions on the facts of history and the moral clarity of our finer traditions. We must uphold our regard for just laws and faith in God as our First Lawgiver.

We must not -- not -- continue to succumb to the shameful allure of today’s exploitive excesses, camouflaged behind the fallacious labels of political correctness and the garish mascara of evil.

God help us to come to our senses.

May it be so ……..